About George Francis

George is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, originally from Gloucestershire and now based in the Edinburgh area.

His work is original and diverse - soaring melodies and lush multi-layered harmonies combine with haunting lyrics that touch the deepest parts of the soul. These are generally accompanied by guitar or piano, often with additional brass and percussion.

Having played trombone in local 10-piece ‘Orkestra Del Sol’ for five years, George left the band to concentrate on recording and performing his solo material. He has completed a five-track EP, 'Outpost', recorded and produced with the help of Joe Acheson and Tim Lane, who feature on bass and drums respectively. Joe and Tim also play together as members of ‘Hidden Orchestra’ (Tru Thoughts). The Outpost EP was released in November 2018.

He is now working on a 12-track album, ‘Year of the Dog’, continuing to work closely with Tim Lane, who provides drums and engineering support. He is currently playing solo gigs in Scotland and beyond, but can also perform as a trio, which more closely reflects the rich textures of George’s recording output.