Mar 26, 2021

Please support the release of my album 'Year of the Dog' by visiting

and pre-ordering your copy now!

Having completed my EP 'Outpost' in 2018, I have been working on my next release - an album of twelve songs, featuring me George Francis on multi-tracked vocals and the usual array of instruments (guitar, piano, trombone, trumpet, tambourine, triangle, Slovakian overtone flute etc), as well as friends Tim Lane on drums, Joe Acheson on bass guitar and Bado Reti on double bass.

For the most part these songs have been recorded and produced by me in my home studio, and they are entering the final mixing stages. This project represents years of hard work, and has already involved a considerable amount of resources - I am now needing outside help to bring this album to fruition, and make it the best that it can be. This will involve professional mastering to give the final sparkle to the sound of the tracks, and CD pressing so that I can offer physical copies of the record with beautiful artwork (Arran Ross) and lyrics.

If you are interested in hearing 'Year of the Dog' then please pre-order your copy now by pledging money to the crowdfunder. I will either send you a CD in the post or you can simply download the digital tracks if you prefer. By supporting this release, you are also enabling me to continue developing new ideas and bringing more music to the world in the future.